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2016 Perth Mint Norse Gods three coin set, Odin - Thor - Loki

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1,200.00 Grams
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Product Description

This exciting new three-coin series celebrates some of the most well-known gods featured in ancient Norse mythology. Each coin is struck in high relief to a rimless format and features an antique finish.

Norse Gods - Odin 2016 2oz Silver High Relief Antiqued Coin

The first coin features Odin, the king of Asgard. He is known as the king of the gods as well as the god of war and death, a sky god, and the god of wisdom and poetry.

This almighty god is frequently accompanied by his eight-legged horse called Sleipnir, given to him by Loki, his famous spear called Gungnir, his precious arm ring called Draupnir, two wolves called Geri and Freki, and two ravens called Hugin and Munin, who he sends around the world each day to gather news and information. Odin has a long beard and only one eye, because he sacrificed one to drink from the fountain of wisdom.

Norse Gods - Thor 2016 2oz Silver High Relief Antiqued Coin

The second coin features Thor, the god of thunder and defender of the Aesir gods and their fortress, Asgard, from the giants whom he slayed as he rode across the sky in a chariot drawn by goats. One of his greatest enemies is the sea serpent Jormungand who encircles Midgard, the world of human civilisation.

Historically, Thor’s symbols include a hammer, called Mjollnir, a deadly weapon also associated with lightning and thunder. He also had iron gloves and a belt that doubled his strength when worn, and owned the staff Gríðarvölr. As a weather god he was associated with the fertility of the Earth. He was also regarded as a guide for those travelling over the sea because of his power over storms and wind.

Norse Gods - Loki 2016 2oz Silver High Relief Antiqued Coin

The third coin features Loki, the god of fire, and a cunning shape shifter, who appears in the form of a seal, a salmon, a mare, and a fly, among others.

Loki is the son of the giant Farbauti and the goddess Laufey, and the father of: Hel, the goddess of death; Jormungand the serpent; Fenrir the wolf; and Sleipnir, the eight-legged horse that he gave to Odin.


99.9% Pure Silver

The coin is struck by The Perth Mint from 2oz of 99.9% pure silver.

High Relief Design with Antique Finish

The reverse of the coin depicts the almighty Odin wielding his spear and riding his horse Sleipnir. He is accompanied by his wolves and his ravens. The design also includes the inscription ODIN, and The Perth Mint’s traditional ‘P’ mintmark.

To capture the depth and detail of the design, the coin is struck in high relief to a rimless format and features an antique finish.

Tuvalu Legal Tender

Issued as legal tender under the authority of the Government of Tuvalu, the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the 2016 year-date, and the monetary denomination, are shown on the coin’s obverse.

Limited Mintage

The Perth Mint will release no more than 2,000 of the 2016 Norse Gods – Odin 2oz Silver High Relief Coin.

Prestigious Packaging and Numbered Certificate

The coin is housed in a prestigious square wooden display case with stunning engraved detail on its lid, and packaged in a themed shipper. The coin is accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.


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